Curtains & Blinds

We can help you create your own bespoke made to measure curtains and blinds from our extensive library of designer fabrics in a choice of finishing styles.


Produced exclusively to your exact window dimensions, window treatments can be hand sewn or machine made with a selection of crease resistant pre-shrunk linings, including blackout and interlined options.


All of our curtains are finished with mitred corners and are weighted in the corners and on the seams.


To find more information about the service, you can visit the shop or contact us.



Hand Made

The fabrics and linings are all finished by hand; the stitching is less visible and overall the curtain or blind hangs better.  The increased amount of labour means that hand made curtains are more expensive than machine made ones, but they are higher quality. The difference between a machine made curtain or blind and a hand made one can be likened to an off-the-peg suit compared with an individually tailored one.

Machine Made

The fabrics and linings are machine finished and there will be visible stitching on the front of the curtain or blind. Still made to exceptionally high standards, these are more cost effective for a tighter budget.


Pencil Pleat Curtains

As the name suggests, a pencil pleat heading is best described as a row of pencils.


This heading gives a neat finish to your curtains at a reasonable cost. It is a popular and versatile heading which can be used with a track or pole and is generally supplied with three hook positions allowing some flexibility when hanging them. We can supply a pencil pleat heading in 3” or 6” header height and recommend 3” for short curtains and 6” for full length curtains.


The pencil pleat tape will be supplied gathered ready for installation, but can be adjusted as necessary.

Double/Triple Pinch Pleat Curtains

A double or triple pinch pleat heading will give a stylish permanent pleat to your curtains.


This style of heading will have hand sewn buckram to help form the pleats. Although you can use with a track or pole, pinch pleats look best when hung beneath a pole. This heading gives a lovely tailored finish for a smart, classic look.


It is important to carefully measure your track or pole as curtains are made to an exact fit.

Wave Curtains

This is a stylish, modern heading which gives a soft, even rippling effect and looks stunning when used in a room which has a wall of glass or a large window of up to 12m width and is ideal for a contemporary home.


Suitable fabrics are ones that softly drape into straight folds. Looks this style of curtain stacks back very efficiently so helping to maximise the light. However, it will need a depth of up to 10cm from track to window to allow for the folds and is therefore not suitable for blackout curtains due to light escaping from top and bottom.


We recommend using our fitting service for this style of curtain as wave headings need a specialist track - a popular choice is Silent Gliss Metropole which is a track within a pole and can be shaped for bays and corners.

Eyelet Curtains

Eyelets give a contemporary finish to your curtains so are best suited to a modern home. The metal eyelet rings of the curtain header are threaded through your pole and are available in a number of ring sizes and finishes to suit your décor and pole.


Once hung your curtains will fall in soft even pleats. Eyelets can only be used with a curtain pole not a track and are not suitable for bay windows or for use with valances or pelmets.

Roman Blinds

Our perfectly made, hand or machine finished Roman blinds are supplied with a cassette system and a variety of lining to create a contemporary look for your room. They can be combined with full or dress curtains or used alone for a cost effective way to add warmth and dress your windows, especially if there is a radiator underneath the window.

The folds of fabric overlap and cascade underneath covering slightly more of the window than stacked when the blind is pulled up. This is a softer look, ideal for bedrooms or for more traditional room schemes.

The folds are neatly stacked behind each other to allow more light into the room. The bottom panel will drop slightly lower than the folds to protect them from fading but the overall effect is a bit like a closed book when pulled up. This is a good finish for plain and striped fabrics or when a tailored look is required.

Pelmets Curtains

Pelmets are constructed from Essex board which is a 4mm thick high density card and the lightweight alternative to MDF or ply.


It is covered in wadding which is available in varying weights: 4oz, 6oz and 8oz. The back is covered with hand stitched lining, returns are cut during construction and velcro is attached to the top for fixing to a pelmet board.